Fancy Fruit and Nut Milk


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A tub of milk chocolate covered toasted hazelnuts and raisins. The perfect sharing snack box with enough for all! Tied up with a shiny raffia ribbon.

250g tub

Contains an equal parts mix of milk chocolate covered toasted hazelnuts and milk chocolate covered raisins.


Milk chocolate covered raisins and

toasted hazelnuts, dusted in cocoa powder. 250g.

Cocoa content of chocolate: 45% minumum

Milk content of chocolate: 19% minimum

Cocoa origin: Vietnam. Ingredients:  Milk chocolate (67.5%) (Sugar, cocoa butter, cocoa mass Vietnam, whole milk powder, vanilla.) Hazelnuts (20%), Raisins (17.5%), cocoa powder. Nutritional information per 100g: Energy 2334 kJ/562kcal, Fat 37g, of which saturates 32g, Carbohydrate 44g, of which sugars 40g, Protein 9g, Fibre 4g, Salt 0.2g

Contains nuts (hazelnuts) and milk. may contain traces of other nuts. Store in a cool dry place, out of direct sunlight.

Box, ribbon and stickers are fully recyclable.