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Rowdy and Fancy’s Chocolate was founded by two best friend’s, Lynne and Emily, on a snowy day deep in the Sussex countryside. Both Lynne and Emily, as parents and chocolate lovers, were sick of all the low quality, high sugar hot chocolate drinks available and decided it was time for a change.  Creating their first ever batch of hot chocolate meltdowns, a product which is still a central part of the company today, they secured a stall at a local market in order to share their hot chocolate revolution with the world.  Unfortunately for the market, and as a perk of living in a beautiful old farm house in the countryside, they were snowed in! Undeterred, they decided instead to sell to the locals who were out enjoying the snow. They were soon completely sold out!  The huge support they received from the community (and the thumbs up from their children) showed them that the chocolate revolution had begun and Rowdy and Fancy’s Chocolate was born.

Hot chocolate meltdowns however, weren’t enough, and soon their friends and families were crying out for them to expand into chocolate bars. After extensive customer research and many trials, tasters, experiments and light bulb moments, their range began to develop.  With core principles on quality, natural ingredients, sustainable packaging, no to all things chemical, and most importantly, keen taste buds for only the most excellent flavours, the chocolate bar range gradually emerged.

Chocolate is a taste of paradise and it was with this in mind that local artist Dean Rush created the iconic picture which so many people now associate with our brand – Eve offering Adam a mug of hot chocolate in the Garden of Eden. Who knows, if Eve had chocolate to hand, maybe she would have resisted the apple!

Over the next few years and with a huge amount of love and dedication, Rowdy and Fancy’s Chocolate became a staple in local farm shops and food markets.  With new products and flavours appearing all the time and constant support from family and friends who were always willing taste testers, the company grew and blossomed.

In January 2017 Rowdy and Fancy’s Chocolate was handed over to Annys, her sister Hannah and Mum Angela.  Known to her friends and family as a chocolate fiend and having worked with the company in the past, Annys took over as head of Rowdy and Fancy’s Chocolate with fresh ideas and new energy to carry on the chocolate revolution.  Our core principles will always remain the same: to produce a high quality and delicious range of chocolate with absolutely no artificial ingredients and sustainable packaging whenever and wherever possible.  Our organic base chocolate is from a Belgium company which produces only the highest quality chocolate from the highest quality cocoa beans, sourced from the Ivory Coast. It is then moulded into bars and exquisitely flavoured to create the beautiful bars that you see today.

We hope you love it as much as we do!

Annys and co.