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Rowdy & Fancy's Chocolate

Artisan chocolate made in the East Sussex countryside

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Our Story

Rowdy and Fancy’s Chocolate was founded by two best friend’s, Lynne and Emily, on a snowy day deep in the Sussex countryside. Our core principles are to produce a high quality and delicious range of chocolate with absolutely no artificial ingredients.

Our organic base chocolate is imported from Belgium, where the highest quality cocoa beans are sourced from Africa. It is then hand tempered, and moulded into bars and exquisitely flavoured to create the beautiful bars that you see today.

In January 2017 Rowdy and Fancy’s Chocolate was handed over to Annys, her sister Hannah and mum Angela.  Known to her friends and family as a chocolate fiend, Annys took over as head of Rowdy and Fancy’s Chocolate with fresh ideas and new energy to carry on the chocolate revolution.

Annys in her element
Our founders Lynne and Emily
Our frosty workshop

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Chocolate for all occasions, and dietary requirements! (vegan, gf)

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I can’t get enough of Rowdy & Fancy’s Chocolate, there’s a flavour for my every mood. And it’s locally made and ethically sourced!


Phone: +44 7548776540

Forest Row, East Sussex