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Our hot chocolate meltdowns take hot chocolate drinks to the next level of luxury.

As mothers and chocoholics, we were tired of sickly ‘chocolate’ drinks thickened with starch, squirted with cream and scattered with cheap marshmallows.

We began to work in our country kitchen, experimenting with just how to make the best hot chocolate drink.

The result of our efforts is a specially formulated range of quality chocolate chunks complete with their own sunken wooden spoons, that are served stirred into hot milk.

A great success with adults and children, our hot chocolate drink kits make a luxury end to any special occasion.

Artisan Chocolate

Artisan chocolate makers Rowdy & Fancy Chocolates are: only use top quality ingredients to create our products.  do not use meat or animal products other than ethically produced dairy products. are committed to ethical practices* * We believe that sustainable farming practices help the earth, human beings and biodiversity so we use local suppliers wherever we can, and are committed to benefiting our community through our success. We recycle and/or reuse everything we can .