Our ethical chocolate business is based on friendship, and we work to be friends with our environment.

  • We are committed to sourcing and trading as ethically as we practically can.
  • We believe that sustainable farming practices help the earth, human beings and biodiversity.
  • We like to purchase products from ethically minded suppliers.
  • We use a variety of top quality ingredients to create our products.
  • How ingredients are farmed or created matters to us.
  • We do not use meat or animal products other than ethically produced dairy products.
  • Our packaging is fully recyclable and the outer wrap is sourced from 100% recycled paper.
  • We use local suppliers wherever we can, and build relationships with local businesses and customers.
  • We try to recycle and/or reuse everything we can in our artisan workshop.
  • We guarantee that our employees are properly paid, safe at work, and happy in their chosen roles.
Being nice is fun!