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Since early in the 19th century, chocolate eggs have widely replaced other egg forms (including decorated hen/duck eggs, egg shaped holders packed with toys and even Fabergé eggs) traditionally given at Easter to symbolise and celebrate new birth and new beginnings. In fact Easter is now arguably as synonymous with chocolate as it is with eggs. Our artisan chocolate is perfect for chocolate lovers who prefer their Easter chocolate solid and want something special. Choose from our normal luxury chocolate range or see our seasonal section for perfect chocolate gifts for the whole family.

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The best and fluffiest American pancakes

Pancakes come in a surprisingly large variety and each country seems to have their special favourite. Whether it’s French crepes, Scotch pancakes, Eastern European Blinis, Australian Pikelets, Somalian Anjero or the classic English pancake with lemon and sugar, we love them all!   Today’s recipe is for American buttermilk pancakes and is a recipe I picked up in Chile in South America a few years ago. As well as being a chocolate lover I .