Chocolate Curry

I have always loved cooking, to me it is the perfect creative platform because not only do you have almost unlimited options of what you can make, you can eat what you create! For me, a love of all things chocolate is a given and after a recent trip to India, my curry obsession began.  The idea of bringing curry and chocolate together hadn’t occured to me until I found out that national chocolate .
Making Easter Chocolate Bars for discerning chocolate lovers

Making Easter Chocolate Bars for discerning chocolate lovers

Making Easter Chocolate Bars: It’s a busy time of year for artisan chocolate makers but I always look forward to spending time in the workshop making chocolate. Somebody told me that the smell of chocolate increases theta brain waves, which triggers relaxation. Whether or not that is correct, it’s certainly true that I feel relaxed after making (and tasting) a batch of delicious, glossy Easter chocolate bars. Today, I’m making a batch of our signature .
Lime chilli dark chocolate bar artisan Rowdy and Fancy

Vegan Chocolate in Brighton – Vegfest UK – Europe’s Biggest Vegan Event

Brighton Vegan fest – this weekend Feb 27 & 28th. Vegfest UK Brighton is a celebration of all things vegan with loads of stalls serving awesome food as well as bodycare, clothes, accessories, gifts and also lots of campaigning groups, plus stacks of info, talks, demos, performances, passion and positive energy. Loads of freebies and tasters add to the attraction. Come and try our vegan chocolate – our fab. Lime and Chilli is a .

Artisan Chocolate

Artisan chocolate makers Rowdy & Fancy Chocolates are: only use top quality ingredients to create our products.  do not use meat or animal products other than ethically produced dairy products. are committed to ethical practices* * We believe that sustainable farming practices help the earth, human beings and biodiversity so we use local suppliers wherever we can, and are committed to benefiting our community through our success. We recycle and/or reuse everything we can .